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Apple juice &
craft cider

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Craft cider & apple juice




Fresh from the gardens of Oxfordshire
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Cider! We now have our delicious cider available again. Call us to pick some up.

We make craft cider and apple juice using apples donated from the gardens of Oxfordshire & the edge of Buckinghamshire - apples that would usually go to waste, either falling from the trees to make a mess in the garden or left to rot. We hate waste & it seems many others do too! We love to receive pears as well.

The word is spreading and loads of apples have been donated - if you bring apples to us you can all your juice back or get some cider or juice in return. We take any quantity. 

Then begins the fun of washing, milling (scratting), pressing, bottling & pasteurising. Or in the case of cider, waiting 6 months for fermentation and the full flavour to develop. A wait that, we believe, is well worth it!

Cider tasting

What do you prefer - dry, medium, or sweet? What makes a good cider? Groups of 6 or more can book a date to taste our cider. £15 per head.

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Making a difference...

We love having volunteers to come and give a hand, and look for various ways to make a difference in the community.


Pressing: Saturdays in Sept & Oct - keep an eye open for our open days. We may also need your help to pick apples. During the rest of the year there are also opportunities to help with bottling and labelling.

Thursday & Friday pressing is dedicated for the guys from Edge Housing. They have been homeless at some stage & Edge help them with temporary accommodation before finding them a permanent place to live. One of the guys said, 'If I wasn't here pressing apples, I would be at home watching TV and thinking about bad things.'

PruningIf you'd like to join us in our old orchard for some informal pruning practice, please let us know. There will be a few Saturdays from Nov through to Feb, depending on the weather.

Schools: we had great fun when 7-9 year olds joined us from Barton Park School in Sept. In 2023 we hope to have more school classes come and see the apple pressing. We planted a small orchard at Barton Park School for the children to enjoy. 

One of our fantastic team of volunteers wrote: ‘Having recently suffered with mental health issues & never experiencing so in the past, Andrew and his business offered a safe place to begin to reengage once again as well as offering meaning & purpose. This is more than a business, it offers the opportunity for people like myself to begin to find one’s feet again.’

If you would like to contribute to keep this project going, please donate below. As a CIC, one of the modern charity structures, we are very grateful for your support.

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