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Craft cider & apple juice




Fresh from the gardens of Oxfordshire

We make craft cider and apple juice using apples donated from the gardens of Oxfordshire & the edge of Buckinghamshire - apples that would usually go to waste, either falling from the trees to make a mess in the garden or left to rot. We hate waste & it seems many others do too! This year we are also accepting pears as well.

The word is spreading and loads of apples have been donated - if you bring apples to us you'll get some cider or juice in return. We take any quantity. We can pick the fruit off the trees ourselves, but you get no juice in return. 

Then begins the fun of washing, milling (scratting), pressing, bottling & pasteurising. Or in the case of cider, waiting 6 months for fermentation and the full flavour to develop. A wait that, we believe, is well worth it!


- dropping off apples: from 22nd Aug we would love to receive your apples and pears to make some incredible juice. Please call 07941 072071 or email to book a time to drop off. (Closed for drop-offs on Wed, Fri & Sat.) Our ripe fruit and Covid guidelines are here.

- pressing: we'll start pressing on Sat 5th Sept, & would be grateful to receive your ripe apples & pears.

- volunteers: we would love to have your help again this year, subject to social distancing. Please let us know when you are able to help - from 1 hour or up to a whole day.

New Project

We have set up a carbon offset programme to plant apple trees, which are very effective at absorbing CO2. Anyone is welcome to make a donation according to their carbon usage for flights, other travel, household or business use. The donated money will be used to plant orchards of apple trees in the UK - local & sustainable. Take a look at Carbon Offset Trees.


We have volunteers from all sorts of backgrounds & are very grateful to anyone who would like to give a hand. If you would like to join in, please contact us to book a morning, afternoon or all day slot on Saturdays. 

One of our fantastic team of volunteers wrote: ‘Having recently suffered with mental health issues & never experiencing so in the past, Andrew and his business offered a safe place to begin to reengage once again as well as offering meaning & purpose. This is more than a business, it offers the opportunity for people like myself to begin to find one’s feet again.’

This year, Fridays are for the exclusive use of Edge Housing - a group of men who were formerly homeless or in prison. We hope this will help them to rehabilitate to be able work and reintegrate into society.


We would love it if you joined us in our 17th Century farmhouse on the edge of Oxford. We have a twin room which looks out onto our tree-filled paddock. It is quiet but close to the city for easy access.

Lockdown update - at present we are unable to accept guests as the room is in the house. We will open up again as soon as it is safe to do so.

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